Chapter 11


"Human, let's fight."

Is what gorilla-san said in front of me, Is is stupid? I wonder.

"By the way, the bet is......."
"Don't want to."

Here's a new pic for Shinka no Mi

Hello, everyone. First of all......this is not a chapter.
This is a post regarding Shinka no Mi Volume 2 Cover which is down below.

It is illustrated by Umiko. Well, this image shows a new character(who's sexy enough to make me go yuriyuri) we will encounter as we go on the story. I hope we reach that chapter soon.

If only someone will do the chapter 9.....I can convince Istian to continue translating.


Shinka no Mi Chapter 10

Sudden Assault

I, Hiiragi Seiichi is facing the reality in life I have never encountered before.

"I'm  a minor"
"If it is food I have here......"
"I love to but I'm not hungry."
"Then, let's go to sleep."
"I took enough sleep yesterday."
"Then let's be married already."
"I decline with full strength....oh, yes,yes,yes, tomorrow!"
----I'm proposed by a gorilla
Why did it became like this?